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Picnics and Play creates an all in one picnic experience by transforming any small space into a memorable moment within only a few clicks. We strive to strengthen communities and to promote health and wellness through social connections at parks, homes, and other locations. 


Set Up

We know a special set up goes a long way so we provide multiple picnic themes to match our customer's unique taste. With COVID precautions in mind with each set up.


 THemed Picnics



  • Luxury picnic set up 

  • Luxury picnic decor 

  • 1-3 Games

  • An interactive experience included and based on the theme

  • Set up and clean up


instagram shop



  • Luxury picnic set up 

  • Luxury picnic decor 

  • Games and Rentals may vary 

  • Instagram Shop picnics are custom assembled picnics with our items in our inventory

  • Set up and Clean up 


special occasions


  • Luxury picnic set up 

  • Luxury picnic decor 

  • Games and rentals may vary 

  • Special Occasions are custom assembled for the occasion booked 

  • Direct contact with an associate regarding the occasion and customization options 

  • Set up and clean up 



As a service business we want your experience to be extraordinary. Booking with Picnics and Play will give you an experience that looks something like this: 


 Booking Online Includes:


  • Pre-Approved Park Locations approved by the park's primary contact 

  •  Simple booking for easy and fast service 

  • Add Ons to enhance your picnic experience 

  • Booking confirmations and reminders 

  • Contact information for questions or concerns 


Post Booking Includes:


  • Park map and amenities to enjoy while visiting 

  • Details surrounding your picnic booking 

  • Park rules and regulations 


Picnic Day


  • Email with your picnic location, park rules and regulations, and a full inventory of items expected at your picnic 

  • A full Picnics and Play set up and clean up before and and after your booking time

  • A Picnics and Play associate that you can contact regarding any questions during your booking. 


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