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Reschedule Policy

If you need to reschedule your picnic then we ask that you reschedule 72 hours (3 days) prior to your booking time if time allows. You will have 2 months from your booking slot to reschedule your picnic. If bad weather permits on the day of your booking we will contact you to reschedule your picnic within a 2 month time period. If you have booked a picnic 24 hours in advance we do not offer rescheduling unless you have discovered it is going to rain then we can offer a complimentary reschedule within a time frame of 2 months. 



Cancellation Policy

We understand that life has many changes. We ask that you cancel your picnic booking online or by phone at least 24 hours (1 day prior) before your scheduled time to receive a partial refund. In the event of a cancellation, a 15% booking fee included in your picnic package rental payment, is non refundable and retained by Picnics and Play.  In the event that you have booked 24 hours in advance, a cancellation can be made and a 50% fee is non refundable and retained by Picnics and Play. In the unlikely event that Picnics and Play is not able to provide the client with the agreed equipment due to unforeseen circumstances, the client will be refunded any money paid in full. 

image Release

We reserve the right to take photographs of our event set ups and styling for our social media purposes. Picnics and Play will not take photographs of our customers or guests without their permission or a signed image release form. We do welcome photos, videos, and other content from our clients and reserve the right to use this content in our promotional platforms. 

travel policy

Picnics and Play is a small business originated in the Northwest suburbs of Houston, Texas. Currently, Picnics and Play is located within Tomball, Texas, but we understand that we have customers from all parts of Houston and surrounding areas. Other than our pre-approved locations on our parks page, we offer picnics in multiple areas within and surrounding the city of Houston. If the agreed locations is more than 20 miles from our general location a travel fee of $40.00 USD will occur.

We offer this address for use of our general location: 11555 Louetta Rd, Houston, TX 77070

DAMAGE policy

We understand that our picnics are usually in outside areas so accidents may occur. Small spills without stains will not incur a fee. If any stains are acquired a cleaning fee will incur with the card used at the time of booking. If any items are broken or stolen, a replacement fee will incur with the card used at the time of booking. Our associate contact can answer any questions you have during or after your picnic. Please note that you are responsible for the items included in your booking during the duration of your time slot. 

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