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Where can I have a picnic?

You can have a picnic just about anywhere but we highly recommend our park locations for simple booking. Upon checking out you will have the options to choose from our parks or a personalized location. 

Is food provided?

Food may be included in some packages. A food option will be coming soon to our Add Ons that can be added after a picnic has been booked. We suggest bringing your favorite take out or ordering delivery. We provide waste baskets for any trash used at the picnic. 

What is the rainy day policy?

If there is unexpected weather on the day of your booking we offer free rescheduling within 2 months from your booking date. If unexpected and unpredicted weather amounts on the day of your booking you can reschedule up to 24 hours before your start time. Check our policy page for more information. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to full payment being required at the time of booking, we take into account that life becomes unpredictable. Check our policy page for more information. 

how long are your picnics?

Our picnics have a booking time of 2 hours. More time can be added from our Add Ons section if needed. The 2 hour booking time does not include the set up and clean up and is exclusively for the picnic enjoyment. If booking time exceeds 6 hours we suggest contacting our team for a 24 hour rental. 

What happens if something breaks or spills? 

Small spills without stains will not incur a fee. If any stains are acquired a cleaning fee will incur with the card used at the time of booking. If any items are broken or stolen, a replacement fee will incur with the card used at the time of booking. Our associate contact can answer any questions you have during or after your picnic. 

CAn i leave early?

Yes! You are free to leave your picnic at any time. We ask that you call or text a Picnics and Play associate number that is provided to you upon booking to be sure your picnic is not left unattended. You are responsible for any stolen/damaged items during the duration of your picnic booking. 

What are your covid precautions?

Our goal is to promote health and wellness in parks so we take time to be sure our picnics are COVID safe. All inventory items are washed, polished, disinfected, and set up with gloves. We distance our picnic set ups from the majority to allow for picnic privacy and COVID precautions.   

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